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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Meet the Nigerian lady who looks like Michelle Obama (PHOTOS)

This beautiful Nigerian Adenike was featured on the Wendy Williams show as Michelle Obama's look- alike..
Nigeria always has a replica of everything lol .We have Rick Ross, Micheal Jackson, Rihanna, no Beyonce or Jayz yet...

IBB Releases Open Letter to Jonathan: The Happenings In the Country Calls for Worry!

Forrmer Nigerian Head of State, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida today released a statement through his media aide, Kassim Afegbua more or less advising the President to see things a bit differently especially beyond what his aides tell him.

The statement reads: “The happenings in the country in recent times call for worry if we must be sincere with ourselves. Every day, the nation is treated with one form of political issue or the other. From security challenges to

Kanye West settles man he beat up in Beverly Hills with $250,000


You get rough handled by Kanye West and receive $250,000 (N40m). According to TMZ, Kanye has settled the man he beat up in the waiting room of a Beverly Hills chiropractor with more than $250k.
The young man who allegedly hurled racial epithets at Kim earlier this month has agreed to the civil settlement and now feels satisfied enough that he does not want to go forward with a criminal prosecution. Law enforcement sources tell us ...

What Nigerian Women Will Do To Get Married - Fact or Fiction?

"Statistics show that only 3% of single women of marriageable age in Nigeria are undisturbed by their lack of a spouse! The other 97% would do just about anything to become Mrs. Somebody''. I am not a Sexist nor  a racist, nor any kind of Discriminator. Read through and share your opinion.

As we read on, we are going to see some rather unorthodox things Nigerian women will do in their quest to bag a husband! Some are bizarre, some are skanky and some are downright sad but if you are willing to try anything and getting a husband is the only activity left on your bucket list, you might want to try a few! (Men beware). In no particular order:

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The 11 Most Attractive Things Men Do Without Even Realizing


What makes a man attractive might have less to do with how hard he tries, and more the things he does without even realizing.
That seems to be the conclusion of a Reddit thread where user porotart asked female users: "What do men do that's attractive, that men don't know about?"
The resulting comments covered everything from being kind to animals to driving a stick shift, and the majority of the responses weren't actions or traits specific to men. Our main takeaway? Small gestures matter the most.
As Tracy Moore at Jezebel put it: "It's not tough guy power tripping or dick-swinging, just small, good things that demonstrate basic good personhood: caring, passion, kindness, and using the advantages of cultural masculinity for good."

Here are the 11 most attractive things a man can do, according to Reddit users:

Monday, 27 January 2014

STRANGE ADDICTION: Man Addicted To Eating Plastic Bags, Has Consumed 60,000 Bags (PHOTOS)

23-year-old man who has a strange addiction to eating plastic bags says 'They are delicious'.

Robert, 23, from Oakland, Tennessee is so addicted to eating this plastic bags that he goes to the extent of stealing them form grocery stores to satisfy his cravings.
He has been eating plastic bags since he was seven years old. Since his addiction began he has consumed a staggering 60,000 bags.
Robert who prefers the blue plastic bags that newspapers are delivered in starts off his day by eating a bag for breakfast .

Revealed: Ruthless Human Trafficking - FULL ARTICLE

Every year, thousands of people especially woman and children fall into the hands of human Human traffickers. While Human trafficking is generally abhorred and tagged 'modern day slavery' to a select few it is a thriving Enterprise. Tobore Ovuorie, a PREMIUM TIMES investigative reporter brings us details of Nigeria’s Ruthless Human Trafficking Mafia from her last undercover operation.
Read Tobere's story below

Deadlier than AIDS: Scientists discover new STD that kills within days


There are reports that a new STD superbug has emerged and according to experts is more deadly than AIDS and could cause an epidemic.
According to the report,  an antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea has surfaced, a strain which is more aggressive than AIDS meaning the potential to infect the public will be exponentially greater.
Power Morning Crew news reports:

First Nissan Made in Nigeria car out by April 2014


Baring any hitches, Nigerians should begin to witness the result of the Federal Government’s automotive policy early this year as Nissan says it’s first made in Nigeria car will be rolled out this April.
Carlos Ghosn, the chief executive officer of Nissan Motors, announced this at an interactive audience granted by President Goodluck Jonathan to him (Ghosn) and representatives of Nissan’s partners in Nigeria on the sidelines of the ongoing World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, Thursday.

Woman beats up son-in-law for failing to impregnate her daughter (PHOTO)

A married man is said to have been beaten up by his mother-in-law for not being able to get her daughter pregnant.
Thembelani Dube is said to have been battered by Onzilina Mpala for failing to provide her with a second grandchild with his wife, Virginia Ndlovu.
The couple has a 3-year-old daughter and both the mother-in-law and the wife blame Dube for the lack of another child.
According to reports: